One – Un (uhn)
Two – Deux (deuh)
Three – Trois (twah)
Four – Quatre (katruh)
Five – Cinq (sahnk)
Six – Six (cees)
Seven – Sept (seht)
Eight – Huit (weet)
Nine – Neuf (nerf)
Ten – Dix (dees)

Eleven – Onze (ohns)
Twelve – Douze (doos)
Thirteen – Treize (trehs)
Fourteen – Quatorze (kators)
Fifteen – Quinze (cahns)
Sixteen – Seize (ses)
Seventeen – Dix-sept (dees-seht)
Eighteen – Dix-huit (dees-weet)
Nineteen – Dix-neuf (dees-nerf)

Twenty – Vingt (vehn)
Twenty-one – Vingt-et-un (vehnt-eh-uhn)
Twenty-two – Vingt-deux (vehn-deuh)

Thirty – Trente (trohnt)

Fourty – Quarante (kah-rohnt)

Fifty – Cinquante (sahnk-ohnt)

Sixty – Soixante (swos-ohnt)

Seventy – Soixante-dix (swos-ohnt-dees)
Seventy-one – Soixante-onze (swos-ohnt-ohns)
Seventy-two – Soixante-douze (swos-ohnt-doos)
Seventy-three – Soixante-treize (swos-ohnt-trehs)
Seventy-four – Soixante-quatorze (swos-ohnt-kators)
Seventy-five – Soixante-quinze (swos-ohnt-cahns)
Seventy-six – Soixante-seize (swos-ohnt-ses)
Seventy-seven – Soixante-dix-sept (swos-ohnt-dees-seht)
Seventy-eight – Soixante-dix-huit (swos-ohnt-dees-weet)
Seventy-nine – Soixante-dix-neuf (swos-ohnt-dix-nerf)

Eighty – Quatre-vingt (katruh-vehn)
Eighty-one – Quatre-vingt-un (katruh-vehn-uhn)

Ninety – Quatre-vingt-dix (katruh-vehn-dees)
Ninety-one – Quatre-vingt-onze (katruh-vehnt-ohns)
(Ninety-two to Ninety-nine, same pattern as seventies)

One hundred – Cent (sohn)
One hundred and one – Cent-et-un (sohnt-eh-uhn)

Two hundred – Deux cent (deuh-sohn)

One thousand – Mille (meel)

One million – Million (meel-yohn)

One billion – Millard (meel-yah)

More numbers/dates

Dates are pretty straight forward, the only numbers that don’t follow the pattern are one, five and nine.

First – Premier/Première (depending on whether the word you are describing is masculine or feminine)

Second – Deuxième

Third – Troisième

Fourth – Quatrième

Fifth – Cinquième

Sixth – Sixième

Seventh – Septième

Eighth – Huitième

Nineth -Neuvième

Tenth – Dixième

Eleventh – Onzième

Twenty-first – Vingt-et-unième

If you want to write 1st or 2nd in French you must use the last three letters of the word: 1st becomes 1ère, second becomes 2ème etc.

[Thanks to Lydia Reynolds for suggesting this page; more vital vocabulary will be added soon]


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