S’en faire

Meaning – to worry

Pronunciation – sohn fehr

Je m’en fais – I’m worried

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2 Responses to S’en faire

  1. Marloes says:

    ‘Ne t’en fais pas’ means ‘keep your shirt on’ and is the name of a board game (ludo?).

  2. Anaïs says:

    ‘Ne t’en fais pas’ has multiple meanings – Don’t worry, don’t sweat it, don’t give it a second thought, don’t fret. Keep your shirt on is, in English, simply a variation on that.

    Literally ‘Je m’en fais’ means ‘I worry’. Je m’inquiète would be another way of saying it, although this means more that you are concerned about the outcome or consequences of something that actually just being worried/nervous about something.

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